Our Charity Projects


Shorin Ryu Kyudokan Karatedo Sri Lanka Branch conducted aid projects for Tsunami Victims in Panadura & Galle with the support of Kyudokan Italy (Co-ordinated by Daniel Biasci Sensei), Kyudokan Tanvald Czech Republic, Roman Berny Sensei of Kyudokan Czech Republic, Carter's Martial Arts USA & Episcopal Secondary Grammer School, Ostrava, Czech Republic (co-ordinated by Veronika Cernikova) to the value of 3.5 Lakhs of Sri Lankan Rupees (US$3500). Our kind thanks goes to all the people who support our people who were affected by the Tsunami Disaster on 26th December 2004. Our Special thanks goes to Rev. Matugama Gunaratana Thero for co-ordinatig our project in Galle district & to Rev. Kurupita Dhammananda Thero for co-ordinating our project in Panadura Area.

Indishe Sensei donating books & stationary items among more than 200 school children in Moratuwa & Panadura areas to the value of Rs.50,000.
Donating books and stationary to the Tsunami Victims in Panadura & Moratuwa.

Tsunami Aid Project in Panadura
Tsunami Aid Project in Panadura

indishe sensei donating 10 chairs to 'Sambodhiya', a home for disabled children in Galle which was affected by the Tsunami
Lunch for 60 disabled children in 'Sambodhiya' by Kyudokan Sri Lanka

Indishe Sensei donating a gas cooker and a gas cylinder for a Tsunami affected temple in Patuwata, Galle City
Donating a gas cooker and cylinder to a affected Buddhist Temple in Ratgama, Galle City

Indishe Sensei donating household goods to 66 families in Magalle-Galle
Kyudokan Sri lanka Branch donatedhousehold goods for the Tsunami Victims in Galle District to the value of more than Rs.250,000.

Donating household goods to 46 families in Dewata-Galle City
Donating house hold goods to 18 families in Dadella-Galle City